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Propre Focus is the official media platform of Propre, a real estate database service which compiles a wide variety of information on properties across the world. Through Propre Focus we introduce interesting stories about properties discovered on Propre and quantitative analyses conducted on data from our real estate database.

Origin of Propre

Propre independently collects and organizes information on properties around the world into a user-friendly platform currently accessible in Japanese, English, and Chinese. Propre also provides information on country specific property investment regulations in order to support cross-border property transactions.

Our name “Propre” is a reference to “property” and an alternative form of “Proper” meaning appropriate, honest, and precise. “Re” at the end of Propre refers to “real estate”.

Core operating members at Propre have years of experience conducting cross-border property investments. Our services are a response to the shortcomings and challenges we faced through our own experiences.

Investing in properties in distant countries with different languages, local customs, and unique life styles may involve huge risks. In such situations, it is difficult to assess if even the most basic property information provided by local property agents is reliable. Therefore, we consider it of absolute importance to resolve the disconnect of information in order to carry out successful property transactions based on mutual trust between sellers and buyers.

Through Propre’s services you will be able to assess the true value of a property of interest by comparing with purchase prices of properties in the surrounding market. Generally speaking, an optimal property will naturally be listed with a higher price when compared to the surrounding market. Our services offer convincing justification to those who are interested in purchasing such high quality properties when they make investment decisions. You will be able to present the attractiveness of your property to potential customers across the world through Propre, a reliable and transparent real estate platform.

Furthermore, Propre provides innovative solutions to help remotely manage distant properties. In addition to online monitoring of cash flow information for each property, Propre offers on-demand property management services enabling property owners to request tasks customized to each property when you need it most.

We strive to create an environment where users across the world will be able to purchase and manage distant properties in a convenient and efficient manner.

About Propre

Propre is an innovative property search engine.

We independently gather and organize property information from all around the world to share with our users. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone is able to get as accurate picture of property markets as possible.

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Propre Pte. Ltd.
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