New condominium laws to be enforced by the end of September

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On 8/26/18 the construction minister of U Han Zaw in Myanmar stated that by “By the end of September a new condominium regulation will be enforced”.

Under the current law foreigners are unable to possess and purchase real estate in Myanmar resulting in a trend of pseudo purchases in the form of long-term lease contracts with developers. If this new condominium law is enforced, it will allow up to 40% of the total number of apartments defined as a “condominium” under the new law to be purchased by foreigners.

This new condominium law was signed on 12/7/2016 and the detailed provision announced on 12/14/2017. However, it has been put on hold for about 2 years and expectations are mounting as it is likely to finally come into effect next month.

For investors, this law is is expected to create a more transparent and fair market.

Yangon News
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