16th Century Castle on the Northernmost Tip of Scotland.

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I am inspired to hunt down unique properties after being exposed to an influx of real estate information on a daily basis.
I wondered if it could actually be possible to get your hands on an ancient castle in Europe so I tried searching for more information.

I stumbled upon a property called ‘Ackergill Tower’ which faces the Sinclair’s Bay near the northernmost tip of Scotland in the UK.
According to Wikipedia, this castle was built in the 16th century.

Currently, it is operated as a luxury hotel called “Ackergill Tower Hotel” and the entire building including the surrounding property is purchasable.

The property has 6 cottages with 32 bedrooms including the largest tree house in Europe in a space of 30 acres. A lease of shooting and fishing rights over an adjoining 3,000 acres is also attached.

The offered selling price of 560 million yen (GBP 3.9 million) may be considered cheap for the price of a well maintained castle built in the 16th century.

Here is a video of the property we found on YouTube. You can see for yourself the attractiveness of the property.

Unfortunately, you are not able to directly find ‘an ancient European castle’ out of our 10 million property listings among 15 countries on our current Propre website. However, we hope to bring you opportunities to encounter interesting properties you would’ve never had access to before on our website.

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