Sasazuka Heatmap

Is your room located in an area of high or low market liquidity? (Shinjuku Sasazuka ed.) Vol.2

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Continuing on from the previous article, we have analyzed the market for studio-type condos in Sasazuka from the perspective of market liquidity.

This is a heat map representing the amount of time it took for these rental properties to enter into a contract since they were listed on the market.

Sasazuka Heatmap

Although the area surrounding Sasazuka station seems to be an area of high market liquidity, there are areas scattered about with properties that stay on the market for longer than usual.

Next time will be the final round of analysis for Sasazuka. We will create a 4-quadrant graph using two axes to represent unit price and liquidity.

QGIS and SAGA GIS are used to conduct analysis of spatial data and to generate maps.