sasazuka rent analysis

Sasazuka Rental Property Analysis (Final round)

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So far, we have created heat maps from 2 different perspectives: unit price and market liquidity. Unit price refers to rent per sqft and market liquidity refers to the amount of time a property stays on the market.

Finally, by layering these heat maps on top of each other, we can create the following four areas: high unit price and short market time, high unit price and long market time, low unit price and short market time, low unit price and long market time.

sasazuka rent analysis

Generally speaking, we expect properties in areas closer to the station to be higher in unit price and market liquidity. However, according to the analysis, distance from the station is not always correlated with market liquidity.

We tend to observe that lower priced rental properties require less market time to enter into a contract.

However, an investor’s primary interest should be “How much can the unit price go up without sacrificing market liquidity?”

In order to find the answer to this question, the first step is to find potential areas in the same neighborhood surrounding the station where aggressive rents can be set based on data analysis.

Propre will offer this type of analysis starting with major cities throughout Japan. Please feel free to contact us if there are any areas you would like to know.

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(QGIS and SAGA GIS are used to conduct analysis of spatial data and to generate maps.)