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       The Ministry of Electricity and Energy held a meeting with representatives of the public and organizations from different areas to discuss and elicit suggestions related to amending the rates of electricity consumption to a more suitable rate. This is aimed to support the long-term development of electric production and distribution through expansion projects, connecting non-electrified regions to the main power grid or an alternative energy source, continuously improving electric production, and increasing work processes.

        In accordance with Section 41 of the Electricity Law (2014), the Ministry submitted a proposal to amend electricity rates to the Union Government, who gave their approval during their meeting No. (7/2019) held on 11 April 2019. With permission from the Union Government, the electricity rates across Myanmar will be amended to the following rates, outlined in the table, beginning from 1 July 2019.

No. Types of Consumers Rate for electrical power consumption
Unit Kyats
1. Domestic

  • Domestic Consumption
  • Power Meter at homes
  • Religious Building
1-30 35
31-50 50
51-75 70
76-100 90
101-150 110
151-200 120
Over 201 125


Bi-Domestic consumption

  • Industries
  • Businesses
  • Temporary
  • Lamp posts
  • Governmental buildings
  • State-owned industries
  • State-owned businesses
  • River Water Pumping Stations
  • Municipal departments , works
  • Non-Governmental organizations
  • Embassies
  • International organizations
1-500 125
501-5000 135
5001-10000 145
10001-20000 155
20001-50000 165
50001-100000 175
Over 100001 180


Yangon News
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